Turkish Sessions

2018 Turkish Sessions

The 2018 Turkish Educational Research Association - TERA (Egitim Arastirmalari Birligi-EAB) Sessions will be held on October 5-7, 2018 at Indiana University- Bloomington, USA. The main theme of the 2018 TERA Sessions is New Trends in Educational Research in Turkey. The aim of the TERA Sessions is to bring together scholars, researchers, and teachers to share their experiences and research through presentations and posters. The Proposal Review Committee will accept papers related to a wide scale of topics concerning educational research in Turkey. Presentations will be in English.

When you submit your proposals, please clearly indicate you are submitting them to the 2018 TERA Sessions. You are also allowed to submit your proposals to the First International Conference on Literacy, Culture, and Language Education (ICLCLE 2018). Please note that the topics of interest for submission to the ICLCLE 2018 are different from the 2018 TERA Sessions. Click here for further details about the Call for Proposals for the ICLCLE 2018.

Topics of interest for submissions to the 2018 TERA Sessions include, but are not limited to:

  1. Educational Administration
  2. Educational Policy Studies
  3. Curriculum and Instruction
  4. Instructional Technologies
  5. Science Education
    • Biology Education
    • Physics Education
    • Chemistry Education
    • Science Education
  6. Mathematics Education
  7. Elementary Education
  8. Fine Arts Education
  9. Music Education
  10. Early Childhood Education
  11. Special Education
  12. Teacher Education
  13. Counseling Psychology
  14. Social Studies Education
    • History of Education
    • Geography Education
    • Turkish language and Literature Education
  15. Physical Training and Sports Education
  16. Technical and Vocational Education
  17. Foreign Languages Education
  18. EU Education Programs
  19. Turkic Countries Educational Programs
  20. Turkish Education
  21. Educational Psychology
  22. Educational Measurement and Evaluation
  23. Higher Education
  24. Religious Education
  25. Philosophy of Education
  26. History of Education
  27. Democracy and Human Rights Education
  28. Health Education
  29. Child Development and Education
  30. Public Education and Life Long Learning
  31. Educational Sociology
  32. Media Literacy
  33. Pedagogy of Human Love
  34. Tourism Education
  35. Agriculture Education
  36. Fine Art Education
  37. Primary Education

The deadline for receipt of proposals is April 30, 2018.

Proposals will be accepted only through the online submission system.

Note: The TERA Sessions’ proceedings will be published in electronic format.

The Turkish Educational Research Association (TERA) is a member of the World Education Research Association (WERA) and the European Educational Research Association (EERA).

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The 2018 TERA Sessions are sponsored by Canakkale 18 Mart University and Kastamonu University. For further information about these universities, please click on the logos below:

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2018 TERA Sessions Coordinator
Yahya Han Erbas, Indiana University-Bloomington
Email: teraiub2018@gmail.com